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Virtual Meetings

Our virtual meeting platforms are ideal for online meetings including:

Town Hall virtual events
City council meetings
Interactive in meeting surveys, Q & A, live polls and voting
Event recording and distribution
Corporate meetings

Virtual Corporate Sales Events

A company-wide event or smaller scale virtual event would work well for:

Virtual networking events
New employee orientations
Online training
Virtual conferencing

Online Summits and Conferences

Bring your annual conference online with our live event staff. Our web conference team offers:

Event recording and distribution
Onsite and remote support
Virtual breakout rooms
Virtual Booth and Expo
Full time moderator for the event

Online Events

Connect community and groups with virtual events:

Earnings Calls
Virtual tours
Virtual sports

Online Event Tech Support

Our team is dedicated to giving you the most reliable virtual event solutions possible.

Integration of multiple platforms
Web development
Secure website registration